How to Create the Perfect Indoor/Outdoor Flow


New Zealanders love a smooth transition from the interior of the home to the outdoor landscape and often call on house renovation builders in Auckland to assist them in helping to improve this flow. They want to extend their living space without making it obvious they are doing so. In fact, people who have undertaken this type of renovation in Auckland state it has had a huge impact on their home lives. What can renovation builders in Auckland do to help a homeowner achieve this goal?


Carry materials throughout the interior of the home and the outdoors to create a seamless flow. For example, place glass doors at the entrance to a room and again leading out to a patio or terrace, and flush doors may also be used to open up space between the indoors and out. Using the same flooring materials both indoors and out is another way to achieve this goal, and there are numerous others.


Consider installing an outdoor kitchen to improve the flow of the home while expanding living space. Add seating around outdoor garden beds to provide a place for guests to visit, rest and eat, or have a waterfall coming from the bedroom into a backyard pool. The only limit is the homeowner’s imagination.


One easy way to transition from the interior of the home to the great outdoors is to install larger windows in the home. The increased visibility brings the outdoors inside and allows a smooth transition. Consider doing this in a home office or the family room and see how natural light transforms these areas of the home. This may require a wall be removed, but the end results make it worth the time and expense.

Contact Characterise Renovations (, a team of house renovation builders in Auckland, for more ideas on how to improve the flow of the home. A person’s home is their haven from the outside world. Regardless of whether small changes are needed or a major renovation will be undertaken, the flow of the home is of great importance in creating a peaceful environment. They understand this and work with the client until the right balance is achieved.

Why Choose to Move When You can Renovate?


Moving is a huge decision. It means a new environment, new faces, perhaps even a new climate. It is involves a lot of work and could be expensive. This is even before factoring in the hustles of putting up your home for sale and waiting around for a buyer. If you have kids, this decision could be very stressful to them, especially when you consider that they have to change schools and get new friends.

If you are moving because you need a bigger or better house to live in, why not renovate instead? While in some cases moving is the inevitable solution, most homeowners could benefit more by renovating their current homes. Stick with us as we make the case for renovating instead of moving.

The Hustles and Costs of Moving

Not many homeowners sit down and really consider how much moving will cost them. Caught up in the anxiety and excitement of the process, it is easy to forget that costs tend to build up fast. Things get even worse if you are moving to another faraway city or region. Here are some of the issues you have to deal with.

1. Preparing your home for sale 

Selling your home is not just a matter of sticking a for sale sign at the front yard. You have to find a reputable real estate agent, carry out minor renovations and repairs to your home, go through all the paperwork and so much more. This is very time consuming and could cost quite a bit.

2. Waiting for a buyer

As if the preparation process is not hard enough, you have to wait for someone to come along and make a purchase. If you are lucky, you might strike a deal with your bank or you might have some extra cash to finance the move and new home purchase. But in some cases, you might have to wait until an offer is made to be able to buy another home. All this is time and money wasted, resources you could have spent renovating instead.

3. Buying a new home

Purchasing a new home costs far more than just the set price tag. There are real estate commissions to think about, property tax, utility bill deposits and financing costs. You could end up spending much more than you had expected.

On top of all this, there is the time spent and hustle of finding a good enough home, processing all the paper work and preparing the house for new occupation. When you combine the costs and efforts of selling your current home to that of buying a new one, renovating suddenly seems like a better option.

4. Preparing to move

There are few things in this world as stressful and tiring as moving. There are so many things to pack, so many arrangements to make, endless loose strings to tie and so on. You also have to make sure that the house you are moving to is ready for occupation.

5. The cost of moving 

For a full family, moving could easily cost several thousand dollars. When you consider the cost of buying/hiring packing boxes, hiring movers and the transportation cost, the final bill will be lengthy. The worst thing about this is that, unlike renovation costs, it is not an investment. It is just one huge expense that will reap no returns.

Benefits of Renovating

If you are torn between remodelling and moving, the following benefits of renovating over moving will help you make the right decision.

1. You do not have to uproot your life

Moving involves making drastic changes to your life. Leaving your home for a new one is not an easy change. Kids are affected even more by the move. Remodelling offers a major advantage in that you can get the kind of house you want without having to leave home.
If you can help it, remodelling is usually the best path to take for both you and your family.

2. Potentially lower costs

Most homeowners tend to assume that a home renovation is expensive. Sure, if you want, it can be expensive but that does not have to be the case. The most important thing is to sit down with experienced house renovation builders Auckland and figure out how to achieve the home you want without spending too much. With some good planning, you can save a lot of money by opting to remodel.

3. Potentially higher home value

You not only stand to save money, you might actually be making a sound investment by deciding to renovate. Again, the most important thing is to do your homework and plan well. Look at the average value of homes in your neighbourhood and base your renovation costs on that. This ensures that the remodelling adds to your home value instead of losing you money.

4. You save time

As we have seen, moving takes up a lot of time. You might even have to get off work for a while to complete the move. On the other hand, you can easily get a renovation done without changing much about your life. You go to work, kids go to school and most things remain the same. You also do not have to think about packing your stuff or crisscrossing the country. You save yourself plenty of time and stress.

5. You create the home you want

If you opt to move, chances are that you will never find the perfect home. Whatever you find, you will have to spend more money to make it right for you. By renovating, you get to make the kind of home you want; the right flooring, the right decor, the right colours and so on.

House Renovation Auckland 

It is not an easy decision. Hopefully, the above comparison will help you decide. If you decide renovation is best for you, we are always here to help. Our home villa renovation Auckland experts have years of combined experience and unparalleled skill.

We at Characterise Renovations know what it takes to pull off a successful renovation. Visit our website at to see the amazing success stories of other homeowners who decided to renovate. You can also contact us to set up a consultation.

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Why Move When You Can Renovate: Advantages of Remodeling over Relocation


The question between renovating and relocating can be a tough one to decide. On one hand, moving holds the prospect of an exciting new adventure. But buying a new house and moving there can be a pricey venture. On the other hand, renovating allows you to keep your home and make it much better. Here are the advantages of remodelling over moving.

1. No need to uproot your life

Moving to a new place can be exciting but when you consider all the things that will change, it might not seem like such a great idea. If you have kids, it means uprooting them from their school and friends. Even more complications result if you have a job or business in your current location. All this can end up disrupting your life to a great degree.

By renovating, there is no need to change anything. You can carry on with your life as it was. This greatly lessens the stress of the renovation process and can also save you some money.

2. Make your home work for you

If you are planning to purchase a new home, the search process will be long and drawn out. Finding the perfect home that meets all your needs and preferences is very hard. The advantage of renovating is that you can create the exact kind of home you want. You can choose the flooring, colour and roof size you desire. It is almost impossible to buy a home that meets your checklist a hundred percent.

By moving, you might be forced to settle for a home that is second best to what you wanted. By renovating, you make your current home work perfectly for your changing needs. Whether you need a sunroom, a bigger kitchen, a new floor or a roof deck; you can do it all by renovating.

3. Renovating adds value to your home

If you are planning to sell your home down the line, then renovating is the ideal choice for you. A well-executed remodelling project can add 10 percent or more to your home value. You can get even more money for your home a few years down the line than you will right now if you decide to move.

4. It can save you money

If you decide on moving and buying a new home, costs can quickly add up. First of all, you might get a house that is more expensive than you expected. Sometimes you might be forced to buy new furniture for the new home. Then there are the moving costs. You have not even considered fees involved in the sales process.

By renovating, you maintain tight control over costs. You can have an estimate budget and more or less stick to it throughout the process. In the end, you might end up spending way less on renovation than moving.

Your Auckland Renovation Experts

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Considerations When Caring for a Family Member in Your Own Home


There are emotional, physical and practical considerations to consider when looking at the possibilities for caring for a family member in your own home. The family member may be a child who needs full time support due to a physical or mental condition or may be a parent who needs more support as they age.

Moving a family member into your home is not the ideal solution for every family. Remember that a parent gave you love and support when you were younger and unable to care for yourself. It can be a good experience for your own children to see what is involved in caring for their grandparents. The time will come when they will need to have similar discussions with you in the future.

Moving in an extra family member or indeed more than one will have implications for your home and lifestyle. You will need to consider their health now and expectations for likely decreased mobility in the future. If you have more than one storey in your home, do you need to move or simply convert a downstairs room into their living space. Many New Zealand homes have sleepouts or garages that can easily be converted to accommodate extra living space including a small kitchen and bathroom area.

Questions to ask yourself before moving in a family member who needs care?

– Is your home accessible for wheelchairs or walking frames?

– Are there steps to access your entryways?

– Is there parking for ease of access with a mobility vehicle?

– Do you have a room/space on the ground floor to give them privacy?

– Can your bathroom have modifications made to allow for mobility access?

– Will you need to install a ramp?

– Do you have a good relationship with this family member?

– Will you need to reduce your work hours to care for them?

– Will you have space for a hospital sized bed or additional medical equipment should they become necessary?

– Will your children need to give up some space and share a room?

Really important to consider is your relationship with the family member? If you always argue or disagree on many topics then a permanent co-living option may not be the best solution. Alternatives include: assisted living flats on an estate with other elderly persons with a caretaker; or if unable to care for themselves a full-time care home with 24 hour staff support.

The emotional health of your family is as important as the well-being of the family member you are considering caring for. Failing health both physically and mentally must be taken into consideration when you make your decision as dementia or Alzheimer’s or personal care can be very stressful to deal with full-time.

Advantages to having a family member move in with you:

– You get to oversee their care and ensure they are well fed, have company, receive attention and love.

– You can ease financial stress for them and assist with taking care of their affairs

– You won’t have to travel to care for them

– You will not have to pay expensive fees for their care (indeed you may receive a carer’s benefit)

– You can enjoy precious time with your parent and your children with their grandparent(s)

Exploring the options around converting your existing home or adding an extension or sleepout? Yes, then your next step is to contact experienced Auckland renovation builders Characterise Renovations. Visit to book a FREE consultation with their team of qualified house renovation builders in Auckland. You can view gallery images and read testimonials from customers who have used Characterise Renovations for their home renovations in Auckland on their website.

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Tips to Make Your Home Renovation Easier


If you are planning a full house renovation it can be a stressful time and hugely disruptive. A top tip would be to plan to complete in stages to avoid total disruption. You could consider calling in a team of professionals and taking off on holiday to come home to a wonderful new home! Kitchen and bathroom renovations are probably the most disruptive as you often lose their functionality for a few days during major renovations.

Engage professionals

Getting a team of experts on board from the start while you are planning your renovations can help you save time and money. A good company will ask you lots of questions about how you use your home, what your future plans are and more. The answers to these questions can then lead the direction for your renovation and determine how renovating can help you upgrade your home to meet your needs now and in the years ahead.

Get recommendation from friends or family of good builders, plumbers or general contractors although many companies have their preferred companies that they work with and that can save you time and money. A project manager assigned to your project will greatly assist with coordinating all those contractors that may be required. A professional renovation company will have years of experience working with local councils to ensure your home renovation project follows rules and regulations.


In order to assign a budget to your home renovation you will need some idea of costs. You can do some research on material costs and choose fixtures and fittings that are on sale but an overall budget will be needed. A professional renovation company will be able to offer you a free quote to give you an indication of total cost including labour and all materials.

Problems do arise once a project has started so make sure to keep back some of your funds for emergencies. e.g. finding asbestos when you pull down a wall or borer in your wooden frames. Unexpected things that happen can usually be fixed, they may just add a little more time or expense to your project. With a project manager in charge you will have these problems taken care of quickly.

Minimise disruption

Seriously consider taking a holiday or moving out of your home during major phases of the project such as the bathroom or kitchen. You can rent a porta-loo and eat take-outs every meal but this will not be good for your waistline! If you or any family members have health issues such as eczema and asthma it may be wise to not be in the home at all when so much dust and debris are being generated. Even paint or chemicals can cause reactions so best to be away from the property if this is the case.

Characterise Renovations can be contacted at where you will find details of their home renovations Auckland wide service. For renovation builders in Auckland the team at Characterise have years of experience to bring to your design. They are the home renovation specialists servicing the entire Auckland area, and look forward to working with you on your home renovation project.

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Why Move When You Can Renovate!


If you love your current neighbourhood and your home has good bones then renovating may be a better option for you than selling up and moving on. If you are thinking of moving because your home is too small and an extra bedroom or a home office/studio space would be useful, then a renovation or addition could be a much cheaper solution than relocating.

Consider the process to move house: you would need to prepare your house for sale which could involve new flooring, decorating and landscaping. These improvements are costly and you would have to be careful not to spend more than the value you could add to your home’s asking price. Also why would go to all the trouble to update interior decoration and exterior landscaping to not be able to enjoy them yourself!

Questions to ask?

Q. What is the market like?

Q. Are houses selling quickly in your area?

Q. Would you need to redecorate?

Q. Do your outdoor areas need major tidying and updating?

Q. Would you need to replace flooring?

If, after asking yourself these questions, you decide it will be easier to stay in your current home then what are the steps towards renovating and improving the areas of your home you are not 100% happy with.

Staying in the home you love can be an easier and more cost effective option. Ask yourself what it is that you are not happy with:

– Would you like a new bathroom or kitchen?

– Do you need an extra bedroom or office or studio space?

– Would you like to replace the windows/roof?

Extending your home can be as simple as adding an extra floor, over garage extension or adding a whole new room. If a studio is what you need you could just add a sleepout style building that doesn’t even necessarily need to be attached to the main house. Putting in a brand new kitchen or bathroom can add value to your home and you can take the opportunity to adjust layout and include all new fixtures, fittings and appliances if you want to.

10 Reasons to renovate:

1. Cheaper: invest money in your home rather than spend it on moving costs.

2. Your style is already imprinted on your current home.

3. It’s less stressful – moving is one of life’s most stressful events.

4. So many memories to cherish in your current home especially if you have raised a family there.

5. Your current home can become your dream home.

6. Safe and secure – no strangers wandering through your house as potential buyers.

7. Start now – no waiting for house to sell.

8. More environmentally friendly to renovate than knock down and start over!

9. No need to rent if your house sells before you have found your new home.

10. It’s quicker – on average 3 months to renovate whereas it can take many more than 3 months for a house to sell.

Seeking the assistance of professional renovators can help you avoid the “We should have done this ” or “Why did we so this” questions. So before you pick up your toold contact Characterise Renovations at who specialise in Auckland wide home renovations.

There are many older homes in New Zealand and Characterise Renovations are highly experienced with villa renovation throughout Auckland. You don’t need to move when you can improve with Characterise Renovations; the best renovation builders in Auckland!

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Why You Should Renovate Rather Than Move House


You love the place you live. Having great neighbours and a great community friendly atmosphere makes your area the perfect place to live but sometimes your house may not be right anymore. Reasons might be numerous like your family demanding more privacy and space, maybe you have more kids to come or you simply want more space to relax and entertain.

Whatever the reasons might be, you don’t have to move your house and relocate somewhere else. When carried out properly, a renovation can deliver the lifestyle and space you are after at a fraction of the cost and without having to leave the area you love and are settled in.

Reasons to prefer renovation over relocation

* It is cheaper, as you can save on moving costs, stamp duty, agent fees and other expenses.
* You keep the comfort and familiarity that arise from living in a home for a long period. So, you do not have to uproot yourselves and your family from a place you are familiar with.
* By choosing to renovate, you can avoid the worry and stress that comes with moving.
* An added benefit of remodeling your home is the increase in the overall value of your home. This is a good investment in case you want to sell the place at a later date.

When choosing to renovate you may feel apprehensive about where to start. Never fear! Having worked primarily in Auckland, Characterise Renovations specialise in adding personality and space to your home.

Characterise Renovations deal with an extensive range of home renovations, working on Auckland bungalow extensions, Auckland villa renovations and other residential building designs. They have specialised in Auckland renovations for the past 15 years and have 28 years of building experience so have striking examples of their bungalow renovations and villa renovations available to view on their website.

They provide consultancy services to help you discuss your ideas, concepts or sketches and they visit your home to discuss the most cost effective options. Once you are satisfied with the budget and the idea, they endorse some architects for you. Along with your chosen architect, they work together to successfully renovate your home.

From wardrobe specialists, interior designers and more, they have a good network of competent and trusted professionals who can be a part of your project. They have qualified builders and their site supervisors are Licensed Practitioners and associates of Certified Builders New Zealand. These home renovation specialists give you the best solutions and high standards of work completion.

If you are planning a villa, bungalow or residential home renovation in Auckland visit, the home of residential building specialists in Auckland. Have a look at their customer testimonials and projects page for some design and renovation inspiration!

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