Tips to Make Your Home Renovation Easier


If you are planning a full house renovation it can be a stressful time and hugely disruptive. A top tip would be to plan to complete in stages to avoid total disruption. You could consider calling in a team of professionals and taking off on holiday to come home to a wonderful new home! Kitchen and bathroom renovations are probably the most disruptive as you often lose their functionality for a few days during major renovations.

Engage professionals

Getting a team of experts on board from the start while you are planning your renovations can help you save time and money. A good company will ask you lots of questions about how you use your home, what your future plans are and more. The answers to these questions can then lead the direction for your renovation and determine how renovating can help you upgrade your home to meet your needs now and in the years ahead.

Get recommendation from friends or family of good builders, plumbers or general contractors although many companies have their preferred companies that they work with and that can save you time and money. A project manager assigned to your project will greatly assist with coordinating all those contractors that may be required. A professional renovation company will have years of experience working with local councils to ensure your home renovation project follows rules and regulations.


In order to assign a budget to your home renovation you will need some idea of costs. You can do some research on material costs and choose fixtures and fittings that are on sale but an overall budget will be needed. A professional renovation company will be able to offer you a free quote to give you an indication of total cost including labour and all materials.

Problems do arise once a project has started so make sure to keep back some of your funds for emergencies. e.g. finding asbestos when you pull down a wall or borer in your wooden frames. Unexpected things that happen can usually be fixed, they may just add a little more time or expense to your project. With a project manager in charge you will have these problems taken care of quickly.

Minimise disruption

Seriously consider taking a holiday or moving out of your home during major phases of the project such as the bathroom or kitchen. You can rent a porta-loo and eat take-outs every meal but this will not be good for your waistline! If you or any family members have health issues such as eczema and asthma it may be wise to not be in the home at all when so much dust and debris are being generated. Even paint or chemicals can cause reactions so best to be away from the property if this is the case.

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