Why Choose to Move When You can Renovate?


Moving is a huge decision. It means a new environment, new faces, perhaps even a new climate. It is involves a lot of work and could be expensive. This is even before factoring in the hustles of putting up your home for sale and waiting around for a buyer. If you have kids, this decision could be very stressful to them, especially when you consider that they have to change schools and get new friends.

If you are moving because you need a bigger or better house to live in, why not renovate instead? While in some cases moving is the inevitable solution, most homeowners could benefit more by renovating their current homes. Stick with us as we make the case for renovating instead of moving.

The Hustles and Costs of Moving

Not many homeowners sit down and really consider how much moving will cost them. Caught up in the anxiety and excitement of the process, it is easy to forget that costs tend to build up fast. Things get even worse if you are moving to another faraway city or region. Here are some of the issues you have to deal with.

1. Preparing your home for sale 

Selling your home is not just a matter of sticking a for sale sign at the front yard. You have to find a reputable real estate agent, carry out minor renovations and repairs to your home, go through all the paperwork and so much more. This is very time consuming and could cost quite a bit.

2. Waiting for a buyer

As if the preparation process is not hard enough, you have to wait for someone to come along and make a purchase. If you are lucky, you might strike a deal with your bank or you might have some extra cash to finance the move and new home purchase. But in some cases, you might have to wait until an offer is made to be able to buy another home. All this is time and money wasted, resources you could have spent renovating instead.

3. Buying a new home

Purchasing a new home costs far more than just the set price tag. There are real estate commissions to think about, property tax, utility bill deposits and financing costs. You could end up spending much more than you had expected.

On top of all this, there is the time spent and hustle of finding a good enough home, processing all the paper work and preparing the house for new occupation. When you combine the costs and efforts of selling your current home to that of buying a new one, renovating suddenly seems like a better option.

4. Preparing to move

There are few things in this world as stressful and tiring as moving. There are so many things to pack, so many arrangements to make, endless loose strings to tie and so on. You also have to make sure that the house you are moving to is ready for occupation.

5. The cost of moving 

For a full family, moving could easily cost several thousand dollars. When you consider the cost of buying/hiring packing boxes, hiring movers and the transportation cost, the final bill will be lengthy. The worst thing about this is that, unlike renovation costs, it is not an investment. It is just one huge expense that will reap no returns.

Benefits of Renovating

If you are torn between remodelling and moving, the following benefits of renovating over moving will help you make the right decision.

1. You do not have to uproot your life

Moving involves making drastic changes to your life. Leaving your home for a new one is not an easy change. Kids are affected even more by the move. Remodelling offers a major advantage in that you can get the kind of house you want without having to leave home.
If you can help it, remodelling is usually the best path to take for both you and your family.

2. Potentially lower costs

Most homeowners tend to assume that a home renovation is expensive. Sure, if you want, it can be expensive but that does not have to be the case. The most important thing is to sit down with experienced house renovation builders Auckland and figure out how to achieve the home you want without spending too much. With some good planning, you can save a lot of money by opting to remodel.

3. Potentially higher home value

You not only stand to save money, you might actually be making a sound investment by deciding to renovate. Again, the most important thing is to do your homework and plan well. Look at the average value of homes in your neighbourhood and base your renovation costs on that. This ensures that the remodelling adds to your home value instead of losing you money.

4. You save time

As we have seen, moving takes up a lot of time. You might even have to get off work for a while to complete the move. On the other hand, you can easily get a renovation done without changing much about your life. You go to work, kids go to school and most things remain the same. You also do not have to think about packing your stuff or crisscrossing the country. You save yourself plenty of time and stress.

5. You create the home you want

If you opt to move, chances are that you will never find the perfect home. Whatever you find, you will have to spend more money to make it right for you. By renovating, you get to make the kind of home you want; the right flooring, the right decor, the right colours and so on.

House Renovation Auckland 

It is not an easy decision. Hopefully, the above comparison will help you decide. If you decide renovation is best for you, we are always here to help. Our home villa renovation Auckland experts have years of combined experience and unparalleled skill.

We at Characterise Renovations know what it takes to pull off a successful renovation. Visit our website at www.characterise.co.nz to see the amazing success stories of other homeowners who decided to renovate. You can also contact us to set up a consultation.

Contact our friendly team at Characterise Renovations to make a booking!


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