Why You Should Renovate Rather Than Move House


You love the place you live. Having great neighbours and a great community friendly atmosphere makes your area the perfect place to live but sometimes your house may not be right anymore. Reasons might be numerous like your family demanding more privacy and space, maybe you have more kids to come or you simply want more space to relax and entertain.

Whatever the reasons might be, you don’t have to move your house and relocate somewhere else. When carried out properly, a renovation can deliver the lifestyle and space you are after at a fraction of the cost and without having to leave the area you love and are settled in.

Reasons to prefer renovation over relocation

* It is cheaper, as you can save on moving costs, stamp duty, agent fees and other expenses.
* You keep the comfort and familiarity that arise from living in a home for a long period. So, you do not have to uproot yourselves and your family from a place you are familiar with.
* By choosing to renovate, you can avoid the worry and stress that comes with moving.
* An added benefit of remodeling your home is the increase in the overall value of your home. This is a good investment in case you want to sell the place at a later date.

When choosing to renovate you may feel apprehensive about where to start. Never fear! Having worked primarily in Auckland, Characterise Renovations specialise in adding personality and space to your home.

Characterise Renovations deal with an extensive range of home renovations, working on Auckland bungalow extensions, Auckland villa renovations and other residential building designs. They have specialised in Auckland renovations for the past 15 years and have 28 years of building experience so have striking examples of their bungalow renovations and villa renovations available to view on their website.

They provide consultancy services to help you discuss your ideas, concepts or sketches and they visit your home to discuss the most cost effective options. Once you are satisfied with the budget and the idea, they endorse some architects for you. Along with your chosen architect, they work together to successfully renovate your home.

From wardrobe specialists, interior designers and more, they have a good network of competent and trusted professionals who can be a part of your project. They have qualified builders and their site supervisors are Licensed Practitioners and associates of Certified Builders New Zealand. These home renovation specialists give you the best solutions and high standards of work completion.

If you are planning a villa, bungalow or residential home renovation in Auckland visit www.characterise.co.nz, the home of residential building specialists in Auckland. Have a look at their customer testimonials and projects page for some design and renovation inspiration!

Contact our friendly team at Characterise Renovations to make a booking!


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