How to Create the Perfect Indoor/Outdoor Flow


New Zealanders love a smooth transition from the interior of the home to the outdoor landscape and often call on house renovation builders in Auckland to assist them in helping to improve this flow. They want to extend their living space without making it obvious they are doing so. In fact, people who have undertaken this type of renovation in Auckland state it has had a huge impact on their home lives. What can renovation builders in Auckland do to help a homeowner achieve this goal?


Carry materials throughout the interior of the home and the outdoors to create a seamless flow. For example, place glass doors at the entrance to a room and again leading out to a patio or terrace, and flush doors may also be used to open up space between the indoors and out. Using the same flooring materials both indoors and out is another way to achieve this goal, and there are numerous others.


Consider installing an outdoor kitchen to improve the flow of the home while expanding living space. Add seating around outdoor garden beds to provide a place for guests to visit, rest and eat, or have a waterfall coming from the bedroom into a backyard pool. The only limit is the homeowner’s imagination.


One easy way to transition from the interior of the home to the great outdoors is to install larger windows in the home. The increased visibility brings the outdoors inside and allows a smooth transition. Consider doing this in a home office or the family room and see how natural light transforms these areas of the home. This may require a wall be removed, but the end results make it worth the time and expense.

Contact Characterise Renovations (, a team of house renovation builders in Auckland, for more ideas on how to improve the flow of the home. A person’s home is their haven from the outside world. Regardless of whether small changes are needed or a major renovation will be undertaken, the flow of the home is of great importance in creating a peaceful environment. They understand this and work with the client until the right balance is achieved.


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